2018 Festival Hours Coming Soon!


  • Small bags, purses, and backpacks that comply with safe bag policy (subject to search upon entry)
  • EMPTY Camelbaks
  • Prescription medications (MUST check in at box office before entry)
  • Flags (no poles)
  • Hats
  • Blankets
  • Chairs (including foldable and lawn)
  • Glow sticks & glowing/illuminated costumes or jewelry
  • Hula hoops (including LED hoops)
  • Strollers


There is NO re-entry to the festival of any kind, regardless of ticket type. If you exit the venue for any reason, you will have to purchase a ticket to re-enter.



PRIME Music Festival is an all ages event.


  • Bags that do not comply with the safe bag policy (coolers, etc.)
  • Weapons of any kind, including guns and knives
  • Outside food and beverage
  • Drones
  • Professional cameras with detachable lenses
  • Tents
  • Spray paint or aerosol cans
  • Frisbees and sports balls (soccer balls, footballs, etc.)
  • Illicit drugs or substances


Items that are deemed to be unsafe, inappropriate, or are being used for purposes other than intended may be confiscated on site. 


PRIME Music Festival is rain or shine. In the event of rain and non-severe weather, the festival will continue as planned. In the event of severe weather (including lightning, high winds, tornado, etc), under the direction of local authorities and venue policies to ensure the safety of all patrons, the festival may be postponed until weather passes with no refunds. Should severe weather be present in the area, announcements will be made from the Main Stage PA system. All advertised artists are confirmed to perform, but sometimes the weather does not permit travel to Lansing or set times may be postponed. In this instance, performing artists are subject to change without notice. Follow us on social media for the latest updates and news.



What ages are permitted at PRIME?

It's all ages!

Do I need my ID?

It is recommended to bring your ID in case there is an issue with your tickets and then it can be used to look up your order. However, ID is not required for an ALL AGES event. You will need your ID if you are 21+ and wish to purchase alcohol. 

How can I use the ticket I purchased to get into the event?

If you purchased online, access the .pdf tickets that were emailed to you. The ticket is the attachment at the bottom of the email and you can print this out or brighten the screen on your mobile device and display the barcode to get scanned.

If you bought a physical copy of the ticket, bring it with you to get the barcode scanned at the entrance.

My ticket doesn't say the correct date. Will it still work?

The dates on the tickets usually span the duration of the entire festival and does not specify date. It does specify what ticket type you have and you should go by that to decide what day it is valid for. The ticket type is located towards the bottom of the ticket and will read: FRI GA/VIP, SAT GA/VIP, etc. 

Can I get a refund?

No. All sales are final.

My tickets were lost or stolen - what can I do?

No refunds or exchanges are given out for lost or stolen items. You must purchase another ticket to enter the festival. 

Can I upgrade to VIP?

VIP Upgrades will be available at the door only while supplies last. 

I ordered 2 tickets but only 1 is showing up - HELP!

Please make sure your email is correctly listed for both tickets. If you received a ticket but are missing a second ticket, then it was most likely sent to the email address you included for the person(s) you bought tickets for. Please have them check their email address. Also, you will only receive one email, but that one email may contain both tickets by swiping on the screen that displays your ticket QR code. If you’re still having an issue, please contact Eventbrite Customer Service: https://www.eventbrite.com/support. Type question in at the top. 1 (888) 810-2063 https://twitter.com/EventbriteHelp

How do I update my name and other information on my tickets?

Click Here: https://www.eventbrite.com/support/articles/en_US/How_To/how-to-update-your-ticket-registration-information?lg=en_US




If you have purchased a 2-DAY ticket BEFORE 2:00PM on 9/13:

Use the initial ticket as your FRIDAY ticket (labeled 2-Day GA or 2-Day VIP) and you will be e-mailed a Saturday ticket (labeled as SATURDAY GA (Part 2/2 of 2-Day GA Package) or SATURDAY VIP (Part 2/2 of 2-Day VIP Package) the week of the event to use for Saturday.

The Saturday ticket will get sent to the email of each attendee under the order. Be sure to check spelling of the email addresses to ensure each attendee under your order has received their tickets.

Ticket type to use for FRIDAY 9/15: 2-DAY GA or 2-DAY VIP

Ticket type to use for SATURDAY 9/16 - SATURDAY GA (Part 2/2 of 2-Day GA Package) or SATURDAY VIP (Part 2/2 of 2-Day VIP Package)


If you have purchased a 2-DAY ticket AFTER 2:00PM on 9/13:

If you have purchased a 2-DAY GA package after 2:00 on 9/13, you will need to pick up your 2-DAY GA package at the Box Office starting on Friday 9/15 at 3PM. Box Office hours are 2PM-10PM on 9/15 & 9/16.

You NEED to pick up the tickets at the box office first to get scanned for your entry.